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training and approach

Makaria Psiliteli is a licensed creative arts therapist, board certified music therapist and Certified Music and Imagery Therapist and provides music psychotherapy services for adults and the Elderly.


I believe that we have our unique music and as we become more present and aware of our music, our essence, we can begin to transform our lives.

I value your ability for growth and change and I encourage it in an accepting, non-judgmental and supportive environment.


I intend to provide the space for you to look into your inner self and find your personal meaning and possibly transform your life.


I respect your uniqueness and your own ways of being and experiencing life and facilitate your creative experience.

Makaria received her diploma in music therapy at the Music Therapy Center in Thessaloniki Greece, and her master’s degree in music psychotherapy from New York University.


Makaria is also a certified Music and Imagery Therapist. She has completed her training in Supportive and Reeducative (Issue-Oriented) Music and Imagery at the Institute for Music and Consciousness with Lisa Summer and Sally Harrison McNight.

Makaria has been supervising graduate music therapy students from New York University and Molloy College as well as University of Macedonia in Greece for many years.


Makaria presents her work at conferences and seminars nationally and internationally. Some of her work also has been published in Greek and English.

Now I’m finding my voice. I’m experiencing new things, have my voice heard, have my walls come down.

​You can contact me for individual and group music therapy sessions, supervision and educational presentations.

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