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  • Clinical Improvisation
    Music therapy is a creative arts and expressive therapy and as such is based in the ability of every human being to be creative and our basic need to express ourselves. When we improvise we encourage creativity. It is only in being creative that we discover ourselves and only if reflected back becomes part of the organized individual personality and eventually enables the existence of self. When client and therapist improvise in music therapy they create a journey together. A journey in music and sound, in the “here and now” where there is no right or wrong, a journey in the self. (Musical knowledge from the client is not required). The therapy is happening in the “musical between” where you can experience not only music and sound but also the self as a creative being. You can connect with inner resources, personal worth and feel wholeness. During the clinical improvisation client and therapist can use musical instruments, voice (singing, sounding, toning), body percussion, breathing, silence, etc.
  • Music and Imagery
    Supportive and Reeducative (Issue-Oriented) Music and Imagery are the first two levels in the Continuum Model of GIM (Guided Imagery and Music). Makaria is certified Music and Imagery Therapist and completed her training with Lisa Summer and Sally Harrison McNight at the Institute for Music and Consciousness. Music and Imagery sessions are focused on internal strengths/resources or conflicts/issues. The process: We start with a small introduction (breathing awareness). During that time internal focus is encouraged. Then we choose music collaboratively. This process deepens the access to internal resources or conflicts. Afterwards, you experience the chosen music when making image (process and not product oriented). The connection with your inner experience strengthens. At the end, the discussion with the therapist strengthens and deepens the understanding of your inner experience. A Music and Imagery session can range from 1-1,5 hours.
  • Creative Arts Therapy
    A music therapist has to be a licensed creative arts therapist in order to practice psychotherapy in New York State (NYS). The following information is taken from the New York State Office of Professions website. “Creative arts therapy is a profession that uses active engagement in the arts to address mental, emotional, developmental, and behavioral disorders. Creative arts therapy uses the relationship between the patient and therapist in the context of the artistic process as a dynamic force for change. It can also be used to manage stress and promote mental and physical health.” “Creative arts therapists are trained in psychotherapy and in specific arts disciplines, which may include dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy and art therapy. They have training in areas that include clinical practice and human development as well as the use of the creative arts to provide appropriate services, and multicultural and artistic traditions.”

The following links are listed to provide you with additional online information

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Institute for Music and Consciousness

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Association for Music and Imagery

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