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Makaria Psiliteli is a licensed creative arts therapist, board certified music therapist and Music and Imagery therapist and provides music psychotherapy services for adults and the Elderly.

You may come to Makaria because you are:

  • Facing significant life changes

  • Struggling with anxiety

  • Experiencing persistent grief or depression

  • Suffering from trauma or loss

  • Dealing with medical illness

  • Living with dementia

  • A caregiver of a person living with dementia

  • A performer contending with performance anxiety

  • Longing to reconnect with your creativity

  • A therapist contend with burn out or in need for supervision

  • A health care professional or student in need of fulfilling personal work requirements

  • Interested in understanding and connecting with yourself more fully

  • Interested in experiencing Music and Imagery

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Therapy Options


50 minutes music psychotherapy sessions

During these sessions you can focus in persistent issues and experience gradual long-term changes and improvement.


7-week Music and Imagery series

This includes one assessment session and six Music and Imagery sessions. It is short-term process and beneficial for more focused issues (specific anxious or stressful period, bereavement, etc.) It can help you reconnect with you inner resources, increase you sense of well-being and improve your copping skills.


Group sessions

  • Music Therapy Groups

  • Support Groups

  • Singing Groups

  • Drumming Groups



Individual and Group supervision for students and therapists.




At this time Makaria provides secure tele-therapy and limited in-person sessions.


Cancelation Policy

If you must cancel a session please let Makaria know at least 24 hours in advance.


The Music and Imagery process offered a distancing from the trauma that helped me feel protected and safe so I could visit later and work and explore it. I did not only feel connected with its quantitative and qualitative components but I also experienced, investigated my trauma as well as its effects in my life.


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